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A new spin on direct marketing


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Billy Smart from Mobile Technik sets the wheels in motion for new event sectors to take to the road through advancing trailer technology.

“Roadshows are an established event practice that through good location planning and trailer design can effectively reach target audiences and attract new ones. With that in mind, are some sectors of the industry missing a trick by not getting their show on the road?

“In particular, exhibitions and training events typically rely on people converging on one location and coming to them, could this be made more effective by going directly to the target audience at a time that suits them?

“We have been focused over the last few years in developing the technology to make this concept possible and have devised a range of mobile event trailers with unique hydraulic systems. These transform a 13.6m long and 2.5m wide truck into an approx. 80 sq metre fully fitted venue and once in the desired event location deliver the largest internal space of any such mobile facility in the UK.

“They have been uniquely designed to need only a single person operation and set up is completed within less than an hour of arrival on site, with the hydraulic systems to manoeuvre the trailer from ‘tour’ status into the fully operational environment. This quick set up makes half day sessions available for change-over of delegates or locations.

“All fit-out and furnishings travel with the unit ready to be deployed on arrival and are designed to suit the particular theme organisers are trying to create, including AV screens, sound, lighting and inbuilt staging systems.

“For exhibitions, 24 pods can fit within the unit which can be fully branded by each company. Working with companies like Dream Marketing who are a specialist in this field, specific sectors that are traditionally hard to reach though the sales channel due to needing security clearances can be targeted, with permissions arranged by the organising company for the trailer to take residence in the grounds for a day. This results in a very targeted footfall for the exhibitors who have visitors throughout the day at times that suit them, making the sales environment more relaxed and enjoyable.

“It also saves money on venue bookings and for those where environmental policies are high on their agenda we can lower the carbon footprint of an event because the main attraction comes to you in one hit.

“It has long been said that the best event technology is invisible, enabling the experience but not interrupting it by being overly complicated, time consuming or inefficient. This is certainly true when it comes to hosting a roadshow, popup or mobile touring event, as organisers need to know that their event can get to each location on time, within the predetermined budget and that set up will be quick and efficient. However the magic behind this should never be seen!”